I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet. People have been giving me a hard time about it -- but I'm not the only one.

Consumer Reports recently conducted a survey and as of last weekend, 25% of Americans hadn't purchased a single gift yet. Why? 54% of gift-less people blamed a lack of money or the poor economy. 25% of people who haven't checked their list nor checked it twice haven't done anything yet simply because they hate the whole shopping experience (that's the spirit!). And a decent amount of people won't being shopping until Christmas Eve (I'm cutting it close, but not that close).

As for me, it's just a matter of not having enough time to get out to the stores. Plus, I honestly have no idea what to get for a lot of people. I'll be the guy walking around a store tonight with that glazed-over look, wandering aimlessly from aisle to aisle, mentally going from person to person, trying to find something mildly entertaining or interesting to buy. They say it's better to give then receive, but I don't know what to give.

I could put the spirits in the spirit of the season and give the gift of adult beverages... that seems to always be a hit. Actually, a lot of my co-workers have given me wine again for Christmas. Some thoughts on wine from a co-worker... (1) I enjoy wine all twelve months of the year, yet no one gives me wine in April or August, and (2) I'm still not sure if the gift of wine is supposed to make me more tolerable at work or am I supposed to use it to make my co-workers more tolerable?  :-)

Regardless, I'll be out shopping tonight after work. Please save me a parking spot and some stuff.