Have a family member or friend who's thinking of moving to South Jersey? If you care about them at all you will send them this article to warn them of the "terrors" of living in South Jersey.

  • 1

    There are too many beaches.

    Seriously, how do you choose? Atlantic City is free, but Cape May has the small town feel. Then there are all of those beaches on LBI. There are just too many to choose from.

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  • 2

    You will never be able to eat pizza anywhere else.

    There are so many pizza places in South Jersey that serve amazing pizza. Trust me, we are spoiled. Everywhere else in the country consider Chuck E. Cheese's good pizza.

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  • 3

    There is just too much to do in the summer.

    How does anyone make any decisions in South Jersey with all of these options? Boardwalks, beaches, parks, outdoor bars and restaurants, and so much more. How can you relax down here?

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  • 4

    There are actually 4 seasons.

    We may complain when it gets cold, but when that first snow falls and covers the ground making it look like the magical world of Narnia we sing a different tune. Without winter we can't truly appreciate spring. Don't get me started on fall, all of those beautiful colored leaves. It is really awful.

  • 5

    We have to live by the cliche "my life is your vacation".

    How awful right?

  • 6

    The food is just too fresh.

    With all of the farmers markets and farm stands all of that fresh fruit and veggies are just too much. Why did we feel like we had to live up to the name The Garden State?

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  • 7

    The Pine Barrens are just too full of folk lore.

    I mean who tells stories around a campfire anymore? Jersey Devil who is that?

  • 8

    We have too many wineries.

    How did we get cursed with great soil for grapes to make wine? Life is just so unfair sometimes. There are too many wineries in South Jersey.

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  • 9

    You will live too close to some pretty cool places.

    South Jersey is just too close to NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and D.C. Seriously, it's just too close for comfort.

  • 10

    Wawa is just too convenient.

    Gas and food all in one place? I mean that's just promoting laziness. Who wants to get their morning coffee, lunch, and fill up the tank in one stop?