Back in the day, before we revamped, I had this little feature on my blog every week.  I called it 5 Favs.  Basically, it was 5 things I was into that particular week.  It might be music, food, make-up, shoes, etc.  Just 5 things I am really into on that particular day.  I decided that I would bring this feature back.  So, enjoy my 5 Favs this week!


I'm sure you're thinking, "What the heck is that little pink thing?"  At least that's what I thought when I first saw the Beauty Blender.  This little pink piece of foam has changed my life as far as make-up application goes.  Before the Beauty Blender, I used to put my foundation on with a make-up sponge and a brush.  It worked well, but then I tried the Beauty Blender.  It's easy to use and allows for the most flawless application I've ever experienced.  I cannot say enough about this little gem!

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I've talked about my love for this new TV show before.  It's on the E! Network, new episodes come on Sunday nights at 10pm.  It's the first season of this reality show and I'm already hooked.  Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers and Danielle (Deleasa) Jonas of Denville, Morris County, NJ met in the Bahamas in 2007.  She's from a strong Italian family and he's from a strong musical family.  Their lives together play out every week on TV and I can't stop watching.  There's no drama, there's no backstabbing, it's two loving families coming together for all of us to enjoy.  Bravo to E! for putting a wholesome reality show on the air.  Watch it and enjoy!

3.   Make-up Wipes


Can someone please tell me why it has taken me so long to find these revolutionary wipes?  A bunch of different companies make these wipes, but the ones pictured are the generic Target brand.  Any woman will agree with me that washing your face at night is on the top ten list of worst things that we have to deal with.  It sucks.  It takes a long time, it's a necessary part of life and it seems to be useless most days.  But it must be done.  These wipes take all the time, effort and pain out of washing my face!  I still wash my face to the full extent most nights, but when I'm really tired, I bust out my face wipes.  Mind blown.

4.  Super Mario Bros. 2


My husband gave me a Nintendo 3DS for my birthday this year.  I was instantly addicted to the original Super Mario Bros. when it came out.  But then, back in August, Super Mario Bros. 2 came out.  Now I can't stop playing it.  It's just so addicting.  I grew up playing Super Mario Bros.  and this game just brings me back to my childhood.

5.  My pantry


If you've been following my posts here on for a while, you know that my husband and I went through a huge kitchen renovation this year at our home.  It needed to be done so badly.  It's almost finished, but yesterday, my husband finished the pantry.  My entire adult life I have wanted a pantry.  That may seem so strange to some of you!  But for me, I have always wanted a space for pasta, can goods, bottled water, etc.  And now I have it.  And I couldn't be more excited.  Laugh if you will, but our little pantry makes for a very happy Georgia.  My husband is my hero.

I hope you enjoyed the first (kind of...) 5 Favs!  Expect a new list of the top 5 things I'm into every single week!  Feel free to suggest things that you're into right now as well!  Maybe you'll see it featured here on my 5 Favs!