Six victims and one gunman is reported to be dead at a Sikh temple near Milwaukee.

Greenfield police Chief Brad Wentlandt tells CNN says four people were found dead inside the temple, three dead outside; one of those outside was the gunman.

Greenfield Police Chief Bradley Wentlandt says tactical officers have been through the temple where shots were fired about 10:30 a.m. Sunday. He says they found four people inside the building and

three people outside.

He says one of those killed outside is the suspect, who fired on the first officer to arrive. Wentlandt says that officer fired

back, killing the suspect. He says the officer is now at an area

hospital in surgery.

WTMJ TV reports the president of the Sikh Temple, Satwant Singh Kaleka, was said to be one of the shooting victims. It was not initially known if he survived.

Wentlandt says police do not believe a second shooter was involved. He also says the best information he has is that two people, including the officer who was shot, were taken to hospitals.

Froederdt Hospital Chief Medical Office Lee Biblo says the three victims of the shooting in suburban Oak Creek are all adult men. He did not have their identities or know why they were at the temple Sunday morning when the shootings occurred.

Biblo says one of the men is in the operating room, one has been operated on and is in a surgical intensive care unit and the third is being evaluated. He says they all had gunshot wounds to the

face, abdomen and extremities.

Biblo says he has reports from the scene that there are no other victims with serious injuries, but stressed that is preliminary information.

One witness told WTMJ that at least one, possibly four gunmen were hiding inside the temple after they started shooting.

As of 12:10 p.m., JSOnline reported at least 20 people who were shot inside the temple, the head priest locked inside a small room with a cell phone, and shooters possibly inside holding children as hostages.

Authorities have responded with a dozen ambulances and tactical units. At least two people have been taken to the main trauma hospital in the area.

Sukhwindar Nagr (suk-WIN'-dahr NAG'-er), of Racine, says he called his brother-in-law's phone and a priest at the temple answered. Nagr says the priest told him that his brother-in-law had been shot, along with three priests.

Nagr says the priest also said women and children were hiding in closets at the temple.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.


According to, Sikh is a way of life and philosophy well ahead of its time when it was founded over 500 years ago, The Sikh religion today has a following of over 20 million people worldwide. Sikhism preaches a message of devotion and remembrance of God at all times, truthful living, equality of mankind, social justice and denounces superstitions and blind rituals. Sikhism is open to all through the teachings of its 10 Gurus enshrined in the Sikh Holy Book and Living Guru, Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Sikh Indians, because of religious tradition, wear turbans to cover their uncut hair and have longer beards. They are often mistaken for Muslims and have been the targets of racially-motivated crimes by anti-Muslim people and groups, as evidenced by the epithets shouted at them, according to the news release. (Oak Park, Wisconsin Patch)