The holiday season means spending time with friends and family. But what happens when your family members live across the country?

We know the Holidays can get pricey with all the gift buying that goes down; even with those insane deals you scored on Black Friday. And then plane tickets, man don’t even get us started. If only teleporting were a thing…

Well, we decided this season to not let budgets get in the way spending time with those we love most. We want to fly you and a guest back to your hometown for the holidays!

Speaking of home, here's a list of what makes South Jersey the BEST place to call home during the holiday season.

  • 1

    Going to Explore Historic Smithville

  • 2

    Going to the Beaches and Just Being Able to Take a Relaxing Quiet Stroll

  • 3

    Going to Walk the Boardwalk Minus Fighting Your Way Through the Crowd

  • 4

    Going to the Tanger Outlets Without the Craziness of Overcrowded Stores

  • 5

    Being Able to Find Free Parking That’s Actually Close to Your Destination

  • 6

    Going to the Arcades at the Boardwalk and Not Having to Battle Small Children to Play Skeeball

  • 7

    Going to Storybook Land

  • 8

    Not Having to Wait in a Ridiculously Long Line to Get Your Favorite Boardwalk Treats Like Salt Water Taffy