I had the chance last night to enjoy a wonderful dinner at one of Atlantic City's truly special places - the dining room in the Foundation Room at the House of Blues. Located in the Showboat Casino, the Foundation Room offers memberships on a local and national level to those wishing to get the VIP treatment.

From the moment you walk into the Foundation Room, you know you've set foot in a special place. More that just a room, the Foundation Room is a series of large and small rooms, plus uniquely decorated lounges and so called "prayer rooms."

After having a before-dinner cocktail in the main lounge area, decorated with worldly art and architectural artifacts , my wife and I joined our party in the elegant dining room.Our special dinner consisted of some wonderful appetizers, including bacon wrapped dates and some mouth-watering chicken in an amazing  phyllo dough purse. The bread was to die for: a cranberry-nut bread with a hint of garlic. For the main course, I ordered the sea bass, which just melted in my mouth. My wife, though, picked the most scrumptious item: three small tournedos of beef, each topped with a different sauce or accompaniment. We also had a sample of the Elk Chop, which turned out to be a very tasty piece of meat. Not at all gamey, as I expected.

Then, there were the desserts. A peppermint concoction served in a fishbowl-type glass with a straw.  Yummy! We were also served a nutella-based brownie. Spectacular!  The best tasting dessert turned out to be an eggnog cheesecake. I wish I could have smuggled out a dozen or so for the next few days!

The Foundation Room at the House of Blues will make a night out special event, and will turn a special event into a spectacular one.