A study ranking each state's least favorite bands and/or singers was released earlier this year and New Jersey's least-liked musical group is a rather popular country music singer!

A map showing each state's least-liked musical group, recently published at TexasHillCountry.com, was compiled by a group called Echo Nest and mapped by a music intelligence system that polls internet servers to figure out all kinds of statistics (who downloads what songs, who listens to what -- all that kinda stuff). The website says,

"the rankings were compiled by 'comparing artists listened to more in the general United States than in any particular star. For example, R. Kelly ranks 42nd country-wide when looking at the top 50 artists, but clocks in at 1,029th in Wyoming.'”

In other words, R.Kelly is pretty popular across the country, as a whole, but not very popular at all in Wyoming, making him the least popular singer there. Make sense?

So, out of all types of music, what or who is New Jersey's least-liked band or singer? It happens to be a country singer that has played at Boardwalk Hall...

Rick Diamond, Getty Images

Luke Bryan!

Luke Bryan -- who people request all the time here on Cat Country! The guy that has packed Boardwalk Hall -- the guy that everyone goes bonkers for when we give away tickets for his concerts...

Joe Kelly

This survey says Luke Bryan isn't very popular in the Garden State. In fact, Luke seems to have a problem not only here but in Delaware, Maryland, and New York.

In other parts of the country, The Rolling Stones are not well-liked in Oklahoma, R.Kelly can't catch a break just about anywhere west of the Mississippi, Bob Marley isn't well received in Alabama and Arkansas, and John Mayer won't be vacationing in Alaska anytime soon. You can see a map of who doesn't like what here.

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SOURCE: TexasHillCountry.com