27 accidents last year, 39 accidents this year, and it's still awful.

The horrifically redesigned traffic circle -- which is really now a traffic circle with a road cut through it with really long red lights and scary lane changes -- in front of Atlantic City International Airport has seen a 33 percent increase in traffic accidents between last year and this year, according to data obtained by The Press of Atlantic City.

County officials say the redesign has made a dangerous intersection safer. County Executive Dennis Levinson says the intersection is deeply flawed but still better than the old circle.


Planning Director Joe Maher also told The Press there are discrepancies in the data and sometimes motorists who refuse medical treatment still want injuries recorded for legal reasons and, despite some confusion, it’s been largely successful.

Largely successful?

There's an increase in the number of accidents, which increases the amount of time EMTs and police officers spend working on accidents in the circle, there's increased confusion from people driving in the circle, and there's an increase in the amount of time people spend trying to get through it. After years of planning and millions of dollars, that's largely successful?

Dewberry, the Virginia-based company that designed the new circle, says on their website that they, "offer a proven track record of providing award-winning services and solutions to a wide variety of public- and private-sector clients."

Award winning solutions? Please tell me no one won an award for designing that mess.