I say "alleged" because Apple has yet to confirm any of the details (or that an iPhone 6 exists...) of a new iPhone.

Some websites are saying that the iPhone will have some really cool new features like a thinner appearance and more functionality.

According to the Mirror, some photos have leaked... they also claim that the new phone may have "NFC" technology..

"The iPhone 6 could replace your debit card, as leaked photos reveal the forthcoming smartphone could have an 'NFC' communication chip.

The rumour comes following an leak of alleged photographs of the iPhone 6 motherboard, which seems to show the chip, along with a new, faster wireless networking system."

"NFC" means Near Field Communication or technology that allows for you to make small payments without having to swipe a debit or credit card or enter a pin.

The Mirror also says that the iPhone 6 will be announced in September!

"Insiders expect the iPhone 6 to be announced in late September, after manufacturers embark on an unprecedented production run this month.

It'll come in two sizes, with a 5.5 inch screen and a 4.7 inch screen, though it's thought the models will have staggered releases to avoid competition between the two models."