Last night, American Idol made me sick.  No no no, it's more like the contestants made me sick.  Read on to see why.  I watched the first hour of Idol and ended up switching to a DVR'ed episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County for the second hour.

The first hour of American Idol was littered with the young contestants fainting, throwing up and not taking care of themselves.


For American Idol.

I get it, the show is popular, the shows breeds super stars, but it's SO not worth what was going on last night.  Imani Handy fainted from exhaustion during her performance.  She had already fallen ill before the group took the stage.  She was sent home.  And she wasn't the only one, many of the contestants were exhausted.

What's wrong with these kids?  Winning American Idol is not worth sacrificing your health.  It's just not.  These people need to get some sleep, eat correctly and drink enough water.  Where are their parents to tell them to slow down?  It's just crazy.

After the first hour of craziness, apparently, the second hour was full of some really good solo performances.

Like Adam Brock.  And his lucky hanky.  My oh my.  Obviously I'm a little biased when it comes to Ray Charles's "Georgia on my Mind", but man did Adam Brock sing it well. So did Reed Grimm, while playing the drums.  Watch both performances below.

Adam Brock -

Reed Grimm -

Evidently I watched the wrong hour.