American Idol was in Vegas baby!  I was in Vegas only one time, when I was in fourth grade.  Vegas really isn't that fun when you're 8 years old.  But come next Sunday, I will be in Vegas for a whole week!  I'm so excited!  But enough about me, on to American Idol....  Last night was much better than Wednesday night, don't you agree?  There were some cute group performances and some real heartbreaks.

Gabi Carrubba was cut, so was Skylar LaineColton Dixon was let through, but his sister Schyler was cut. (Again)  Remember that he didn't even want to audition in Savannah.  That's got to be a tough one.  Britnee Kellogg also got cut, she took it pretty hard.

There were some great performances last night, however, that can be seen HERE.

The real question is WHAT HAPPENED TO KRISTINE OSORIO???  Can anyone tell me when she got cut?  I don't remember seeing her perform after she was given the golden ticket in Galveston.  In case you forgot her audition, here it is -

Where did she go???

Idol returns next Wednesday at 8pm on Fox.