I'm sure Fox thought it was a brilliant idea to run a special edition of American Idol after the football playoffs on Sunday night.  Maybe they thought the game would end sooner?...  Well it didn't and Idol went on late.  Real late.  Nonetheless, San Diego, a noisy aircraft carrier and another bikini girl later, here are my standouts from last night.


Ashley Robles -single mom, hard worker, matches Whitney Houston note for note.  Unbelievable.


Aubree Dieckmeyer - soulful and natural.


Kyle Crews - frat boy can sing!  Work on that look though.


Jason "Wolf" Hamlin - my favorite of the night.  I'm sucker for a man with a guitar.  "Fixed the seam"!!


A good audition for San Diego!  A little late, but good.  American Idol returns Wednesday night on Fox.