American Idol traveled from Savannah to Pittsburgh for the second round of auditions.  Who was your favorite?  Pittsburgh proves that the coal mining town has talent.  Lots of it.  Here are my favorites from last night:


Halle Day - amazing story, amazing voice.  She'll be singing next to Phillip Phillips in the finale.  (IMO, it always helps when the show plays Elton John as your story background music...)


Samantha Novacek - planking sister aside, Samantha can sing!


Heejun Han - poor guy with the self proclaimed big head was great!


What did you think?  I think the judges should have given Shane Bruce a golden ticket.  He was the 19 year coal miner from West Virginia.  He has a great voice!  Funny though that his only comparison to the song "Hallelujah" was from the movie "Shrek", not from Jeff Buckley!  Oh to be young....

Shane Bruce - he deserved a golden ticket