The 11th season of American Idol makes its return to Fox tonight.  Can they possibly top last year?  I love American Idol, but I've noticed a trend...  They have a really, really good year (like last season) and then a sucky season.  Agree?  No?'s Michael Slezak says that people are pumped for season 11 of Idol because The X Factor's strategy backfired.

"I think anticipation is high for Season 11 because people were really let down by what The X Factor delivered."

I didn't watch The X Factor, so maybe he's right.  I'm looking forward to seeing the show tonight, however, the auditions have never been my favorite part.  I know I'm in the minority here, but I like to watch Idol from Hollywood on.  I know, I know, but I hate it when they showcase a terrible singer for 20 minutes.  Move on, give me the good stuff.

Season 11 of American Idol premieres tonight at 8pm on Fox.

Will you watch American Idol tonight?