Scantily clad women, high-end race cars and motorcycles, quality cigars, drink specials and gambling, all of it bait, to draw the man’s man to an animal rescue fundraiser in South Jersey.

New Jersey Aid for Animals President Kathy McGuire admits “The Pit Stop” event in Glassboro next month is their edgiest yet but she see’s it as a way of reaching predominantly male pit bull owners with an important message. “You know, it lets these guys know you can still be macho and have your dog neutered.”

McGuire says inner cities like Camden are seeing an alarming increase in pit bulls because of overbreeding. She says the problem is “not only it’s the amount of money the cities have to spend on picking up stray dogs, the animal shelters are rife with pits so their all being euthanized because there’s not enough homes for pit bulls.”

McGuire says so far she’s tried a number of methods aimed at reaching the male pet owners. She says she’s gone door-to-door in Camden to urge them to spay and neuter their animals and if they failed to comply she’s report them and they’d get fined. McGuire says “although there’s a mandatory ordinance in Camden that all dogs have to be spayed and neutered, the owners would rather receive a summons than neuter their pits.”

McGuire says they’ve also strategically placed billboards through out the City with Light Heavyweight Champion Bernard Hopkins posing with his arm around a pit bull encouraging people to neuter their animals.  She says “since they’ve been up for almost a year now, have increased spay-neutering in the area 167 percent.”

McGuire says the racy evening on Friday, May 18th in Glassboro will infuse the message of neutering but is also meant to raise funds for NJAFA pit bull rescue programs.

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