It's a tough job trying to keep up with my Facebook friends - all 5,000+ of them!

Everyone hates Mondays and love Fridays, although some peoples' Fridays fall on Mondays. We all love our children, dogs, and spouses, and we love the good `ol USA. We are thankful for our rights and freedoms, but we hate when other drivers don't use their turn signals.

My Facebook friends all (or most) seem to pray a lot. Friends ask one another for prayers for the sick and the dying. Often. I guess with 5,000 people there are going to be the sick and dying. I'm OK with them asking for prayers, and I'm happy to oblige, when I can.

What gets me, though, is being asked to pray for something maybe not so, well, life or death. "Pray for me, I'm taking my test for my real estate license today." "I'm seeking prayers today - we need to clean out the basement...."

Do I have to?

Is there a limit to how much I can pray for, before God says, "C'mon, Joe, really?" I feel if I have a chance to bend the Big Guy's ear, I should use it for important things. Things that matter.

Always use your super powers for good!