We've been tracking down several news stories for you this morning, and Skee-Ball loving prostitutes in Atlantic City is one of them.

Skee-ball loving prostitutes in Atlantic City.

OK, there really are no skee-ball loving prostitutes in Atlantic City.
I don't think.

When I'm home watching the news on television, I always love the part of the newscast where they say: "These are the stories we're working on for you." They usually then proceed to ramble through some boring story lines that I don't really care about.

So, let me throw in my two cents. Here are some stories I'd really like you to work on. Come back with these stories, and maybe I'll tune in and watch!

*Are some Atlantic City prostitutes working for SkeeBall Tickets?
*The world's ugliest wife can be found in Galloway Township!
*Does Ocean City really sit on an Ocean - or is it just a big lake?
*People in Hammonton don't care about recycling.
*Do people from the Villas just naturally smell that bad?
*Is it true that it's impossible to legally buy more than a dozen eggs at a time in Egg Harbor Township?
*Somers Point man prefers to change his oil in the nude.
*Kenny Chesney announces weekly concert series on Wildwood Beach.
*Atlantic City's Sandcastle Stadium to host 2015 MLB All- Star game.
*We've found 8 people in Linwood who aren't snobby at all!
*Sea Isle City to host illegal drug festival.
*Does Mays Landing have an in-breeding problem?
*How come Northfield doesn't have any good bars that serve alcohol at 10am - especially for morning show hosts that have nothing better to do at that time of day?