Half of a doughnut? Really?

I appreciate my co-workers who bring in snacks for everyone to enjoy. Apparently, some of my co-workers are not able to commit to eating an entire doughnut, but rather only half (we had this problem back at Christmas, too). Maybe it's because they're trying to be "healthy" -- after all, we have a copy of Muscle & Fitness Hers next to two boxes of doughnuts in our kitchen ("A" for effort, I suppose).

Let's file this as rule number 253 in Chris's tips for life:  go ahead, eat the whole doughnut.  You know you want to.  You're already having 140 calories -- might as well go for the full 280. After all, you'd never have half of a doughnut hole, so why only have half of a doughnut? That makes sense to me.

And I like doughnuts.