I swear it seems like everyone I know is sick or was just sick. So I scoured the internet and asked friends to find the best at home remedies for whatever ails you.


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    If you search "at home remedies for..." 9 times out of 10 honey will make it on the list. Have a cough? Swallow a teaspoon of honey. Do you have terrible allergies? Eat local raw honey. Want healthier hair or skin? Lather on that honey. It does it all: sore throat, heals wounds, helps digestion, and everything in between.

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    Vicks VapoRub

    Now I haven't tried this one myself, mainly because the idea grosses me out. Anytime any one of my friends' kids are sick I see them post on Facebook about Vicks VapoRub. Apparently, if you have a bad cough you rub some on the bottom of your feet and put on socks. Parents seem to swear by it.

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    No not from Gilligan's Island. If you Google ginger at home remedies you get lists as long as honey's. Ginger is a great cure all. Of course the main use for ginger is to settle an upset stomach. Ginger also can help if you have a cold, the flu, migraines, or diabetes.

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    Lemon juice isn't just for lightening your hair in the summer. Have a breakout? Put some lemon juice on the pimple to help dry it out. You can use lemon juice to help relieve a bug bite too. Mix lemon juice with honey in your tea and BAM sore throat will be relieved.

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    Apple Cider Vinegar

    Where was apple cider vinegar a few years ago? I feel like I never heard of this stuff before maybe 3 years ago. Now people are using this stuff for their skin, hair, cough, weight loss, stomach problems, blood sugar, and pretty much everything else. This is a must have in your house.

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    If you are as pale as I am or as I call it alabaster, aloe is a Holy Grail item in the summer. Rub some aloe all over your sunburn for from relief. Aloe is also great for bug bites. Apparently, aloe is also great for sinus relief, digestion, circulation, and your gums.

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    Witch Hazel

    While doing this article I looked up how witch hazel got its name because I thought it was quite peculiar. I'll save you the read, it's not that interesting. Witch comes from the word wice which means bendable. Told you it was boring. I'll still always think of witches and imagine them popping witch hazel in their caldron. I digress. Witch hazel does a lot of the same as aloe. It's great for bug bites, poison ivy, burns, dandruff, gums, stiff muscles, and a long long list of other things.

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    Baking Soda

    Baking soda has a ton of uses around the house including for yourself. Make a paste with water to help alleviate pain after a bee sting. Use that same paste on other bug bites, breakouts, chicken pox, or poison ivy. Baking soda can also help rid your feet of odor and fungus.

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