Officials in Atlantic City have news for you: The Atlantic City Boardwalk is just fine.

There was absolutely no damage to the main part of the boardwalk. That according to a release from the Atlantic City Alliance. They want the world to know that the world's most famous boardwalk saw virtually no damage as a result of Hurricane Sandy, despite new reports to the contrary.

The release goes on to say:

Reports indicating large-scale damage to the boardwalk are false. The iconic Atlantic City boardwalk is intact except for a one to two block extension in the eastern inlet area, which does not front any of the casinos and was previously closed to pedestrian traffic. This small section is located in a residential section of Atlantic City, not along the promenade that visitors associate with the resort community.

The Atlantic City tourism district and boardwalk did not experience major damage as a result of the storm. There have been visitors to our casinos and to the boardwalk, and we want our visitors to be aware that we remain a place to visit.