If you were born and raised in the Atlantic City region, you undoubtedly know exactly what "Bag Day" at the Irish Pub is all about.

But for someone who is new to the area, here is my explanation of the legendary "Bag Day..."

Over 25 years ago, bartenders and other workers from the Irish Pub in Atlantic City started complaining that they had to work on St. Patrick's Day and they couldn't join in all the fun.  While said workers were complaining, an Irish Pub bartender and some friends were making funny hats out of paper bags.  (Why, I have no idea...) They decided that March 18th would forever become "Bag Day," a holiday in which you must wear a bag on your head.  No bag = No booze.  This gives casino workers and bartenders and anyone else who has to work on St. Patrick's Day a day to celebrate.

"Bag Day" only happens at the Irish Pub in Atlantic City.

Just one more reason of why AC is completely awesome.