That's the cutest baby Bison I've ever seen!  It's the only one I've ever seen, but she's awfully cute!

The Cape May County Zoo's new female calf was born last Thursday, August 29th.  And she is the first Bison calf to be born at the Zoo.

Mama Bison is named Henrietta and is a 4-year old cow that came from Six Flags Great Adventure back in 2010.  Papa Bison is Hank and is 4-years old and also came from Great Adventure.

Conservation efforts by zoos have brought back the population of Bison from near extinction brought on by American pioneers in the late 1800's.

You can see the new baby Bison along with more than 500 animals and over 250 different species at the Cape May County Zoo on Rt. 9 North in Cape May Court House.

Cape May County Zoo