There's nothing quite like sipping on a frosty cold beer on a hot New Jersey afternoon.  Throw in some crashing waves and you may just have the perfect New Jersey summer Saturday!

So, what's the best beer made in New Jersey for this great summer afternoon?

According to Thrillist, it's Carton Boat Beer.

And I might have to agree.  We have a lot of great beer in the Garden State and Carton makes some great brews!

Thrillist has high praise for this New Jersey beer -

New Jersey

Carton Boat Beer
Session ale, 4.2%
Atlantic Highlands
When pressed for a pick from Jersey, our resident cicerone Zach Mack was pretty matter of fact: "Carton boat beer, all the f*****g way." And yeah, he's probably right… in fact, the last time we saw him was on a boat. On the water between NY and NJ. And there was Carton involved, a great session pale ale (not a session IPA, mind you) with a little citrus fruitiness and a nice little bite on the back of the palate. We recommend pairing it with Hall & Oates.

Thrillist lists their favorite summer brews from every state and some of them sound awesome!

Road trip!

Source: Thrillist