Last night on the Travel Channel, Adam Richman crowned "The Best Sandwich in America."

I love food.  I love to travel.  I love watching TV shows about food and travel.  I live for the Travel Channel and Food Network (except Cupcakes Wars..... ugh).

I also think that handsome Adam Richman has just about the greatest job on the planet.

Well, besides having to eat 25 pounds of habanero wings in under a minute...

I digress, over the past several weeks Adam Richman has spanned our fine country trying to find America's best sandwich.  Each weekly show was broken down into regions of the USA with three great sandwiches from each region competing against each other.

For example, the Northeast region boasted a corned beef and pastrami sandwich from Katz's Deli in New York City, a capp-and-cheese sandwich from Primanti Bros. in Pittsburgh and a roast pork sandwich from DiNic's in Philadelphia.  DiNic's ended up with the title of "Best Sandwich in America."

Now, all these are great sandwiches.  I've actually had all three.  But what happened to little old Atlantic City?  Is Pittsburgh really in the Northeast?  Hmmm....

Has Adam Richman ever heard of a little historic place called White House Subs?

I suppose they were in the drawing (they would HAVE to be, right?).  I'm sure the show had a lot of competition between sandwiches, but I think White House should have represented the Northeast instead of Pittsburgh.

Just saying.

It's ok, Adam Richman, I will still watch your shows on the Travel Channel.  I will still covet your job.  I still think you're handsome.