First of all, can we talk about how fantastic Trisha Yearwood looked last night on the ACM's?  Gorgeous.  That's the perfect way to own your curves.  Miranda Lambert should take note....

And now my thoughts on the awards show itself.  I'm going to go ahead and disagree with Joe Kelly.  I thought Luke Bryan did a fantastic job as a co-host and didn't look uncomfortable.  I will agree with Joe that Blake Shelton looked a little uneasy.  But I though Luke Bryan was great.  They both seemed to be having a lot of fun on stage.

I will also agree that the sound was HORRIBLE.  Terrible.  I used to do sound for bands, so I'm a little biased when it comes to the sound of a performance, but someone dropped the ball last night.  The second location (where the audience got screwed by only getting to hear a small part of each song....what was up with that?) sounded worse than the main stage.  But everything sounded bad.  When they would go to a commercial, the background music drowned out the announcers.  The vocals on most of the performances were too low.  At one point during the Hunter Hayes/Stevie Wonder performance, you couldn't even hear Hunter's guitar....

Ok, I'll get off of that subject...  Over all I loved the show, despite the sound.  I enjoyed watching, I thought the performances were good (The Band Perry rocked out!!) and everyone looked pretty good.

So, with that said, let's get to my best and worst dressed for the evening...


Kimberly Schlapman of Little Big Town -

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I was a big fan of the long suits last night.  You have to be tall and thin to pull it off and Kimberly Schlapman of Little Big Town did just that.  Love it.

Sheryl Crow -

Getty Images

Again with the long pant suit.  Loving this look!  I could never look this good in this outfit - beautiful color - and that necklace!

Easton Corbin -

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Easton Corbin rocked this pastel blue suit last night!  Love the light color and the vest.  Very Spring.  Very handsome.

Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer -

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The light pastel jacket that Luke Bryan wore on the red carpet really caught my eye.  Love the pastels, just like Easton Corbin's blue suit above.  And Luke's beautiful wife Caroline was showing some skin in that gold dress!  And they both have teeth that will blind you....

Thomas Rhett -

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Thomas Rhett looked so dapper last night!  Classic suit, skinny tie, great shoes.  Very very handsome.


Pistol Annies -

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I'm not sure what their dresses looked like outside of the performance, (besides Miranda) but these outfits are terrible.  Is the one in the middle really wearing garters?  Oh man.

Faith Hill -

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Did you see braces?  I couldn't tell.  At one point it looked like Faith Hill didn't have the braces, but then it kind of looked like she did...  Oh well, either way I was not a fan of her dress.  It wasn't awful, just not my favorite.  Tim McGraw, however looked wonderful, as always.

Shania Twain -

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It was really cool to see Shania Twain last night, I would love to hear new music from her, but she looked terrible.  She has always had her own sense of style, but this was just weird.  Not digging the boots.

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth Chapman -

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What the what????

Joey and Rory -

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God bless them, they own their look, but that doesn't make it right.  Rory will forever be on the worst dressed list for those dang overalls.  And what you can't see of Joey's dress is the fringe that hangs about 12 inches down and the boots that she paired with this ugly dress.  It looks like a long t-shirt.  Man oh man.

Well, there you go, do you agree or disagree??