If you are one of the 800 property owners in Egg Harbor Township who has flood insurance, you would be well-advised to attend a workshop from 6-8pm Tuesday, Nov.15 to review of your current flood insurance policy with representative of FEMA and the NJDEP.

Here is a press release from Egg Harbor Township explaining this Tuesday's scheduled workshop.

” Mayor McCullough announced today that a free workshop on flood insurance will be held at Egg Harbor Township Municipal Building on Tuesday, November 15th from 6 pm to 8 pm.
Almost 800 property owners in Egg Harbor Township have flood insurance policies. These policies insure over $189 million worth of property and pay more than $676,000 in premiums in 2016 alone.
Mayor McCullough stated, “If you think you are paying too much in flood insurance and want to reduce your bill, come to this workshop and get a professional’s opinion”.
The first part of the seminar will feature updates on the new laws and regulations and the second part will include a one-on-one review of your current flood insurance policy.
Egg Harbor Township property owners are asked to bring their flood elevation certificate and current flood insurance policy. A Certified Floodplain Manager will review this information with you to determine if you can lower the price of the policy.
The Township of Egg Harbor is working to help residents reduce flood insurance cost. This workshop is just one step in the process. The Township has also been working with representatives from the FEMA Regional Office and the NJDEP to establish compliancy and to provide the necessary documentation to show that the Township is implementing the minimum standards of the National Flood Insurance Program.
Just last week, the Township received approval to participate in the Community Rating System (CRS) program. Egg Harbor Township hopes to start the program with a 5 to 15 percent discount on flood insurance for its property owners. The discount is based on the total number of points that the Township earns. A community accrues points to improve its CRS Class rating and receive increasingly higher discounts.
Points are awarded for engaging in any of 19 creditable activities, organized under four categories: public information, mapping and regulations, flood damage reduction, warning and response.
For more information on the Flood Insurance Workshop please register at http://EHToutreach.eventbrite.com or call 866.599.7065. This event is sponsored by the Egg Harbor Township and Flood Risk Evaluator of Pitman, NJ.”

For more information contact:
Jim Rutala, Rutala Associates