52 years ago this week, Marty Robbins had the number one country song in the nation, out in the West Texas town of El Paso.

Marty Robbins' musical career took off quickly in 1952 as the first song he released, "I'll Go On Alone," went right to #1. "Singin' The Blues," another legendary classic country song, would be his next #1 hit in 1956. By the late '50s, he had no problem scoring hit songs -- "El Paso" was the most-played song on country radio this week back in 1959.  The song would also go on to grab the #1 spot on the pop radio chart in early 1960 and Robbins won a Grammy Award for Best Country and Western Recording in 1961, all thanks to falling in love with Feleena at Rosa's Cantina.



Marty Robbins died in December, 1982, from complications following cardiac surgery. The city of El Paso, Texas, later honored Marty Robbins by naming a park and recreation center after him.