We’re on a mission to find the best places to grab lunch in your neighborhood! Every Wednesday, I’ll feature a new town and new lunch spots! Today we’re going to Atlantic City!

Since last Wednesday was a holiday (and I didn't post a "Cafe of the Week"), I decided to do two this week!  So, today, you get to vote on the best place to get lunch in Atlantic City, outside of the casino's!  Then tomorrow, you can vote on the best lunch spot in Atlantic City, inside a casino!

Here are the 3 best places to get lunch in Atlantic City, outside of a casino!

Which one is your favorite?  Vote below!

1.  Kelsey & Kim's Southern Cafe - Open 7 days a week, Kelsey & Kim's Southern Cafe is a hidden gem in Atlantic City.  Located on Melrose Avenue, they also have a location in Pleasantville.  Fried chicken, BBQ, daily specials and catering, Kelsey & Kim's has everything for the Southerner in you!

2.  Tony Boloney's - Located on Oriental Avenue down by Revel, Tony Boloney's has become something of a cult pizza joint in AC.  They offer farm to table items, vegetarian fare as well as good old fashion Jersey pizza.  And watch for the "Mustache Mobile" in your neighborhood, Tony Boloney's infamous food truck!

3.  White House Sub Shop - It would be impossible to not include White House in a "best of."  Simply because, they are the best.  Located on Arctic Avenue in AC, get there early because there will be a line.

Want to have your neighborhood or your favorite lunch spot featured on Cat Country’s “Cafe of the Week?” Comment below and tell me where to go!