Cat Country Psychic Artie Hoffman has picked the winning numbers in the Mega Millions $540M Jackpot - and, you can benefit!

Here's the deal:

Artie has chosen what he thinks is the winning combination for the drawing. We are purchasing a ticket - and, we're willing to split the jackpot with you!

All day today, we're filling up our lottery ownership agreement with 107 names. (107..... we're 107.3 - get it?) First, we're taking care of Artie - then, Georgia, Chris Coleman, and myself. You can add your name as a partial owner of the $540M ticket just by listening and calling in today. From now until 7pm, we'll ask you to call in at certain times and get on the ownership list. Just listen to Cat Country 107.3 or and be ready to call in when we tell you to. The number is 609-370-1073.

By the way, splitting up $540 Million ain't too bad - we'd all have equal shares of $5,046,728.97.

So, good luck and get ready to hop aboard the money train!

If you're one of the 107 shareholders, make sure to listen Monday morning at 7:20 when we announce what the numbers were - and, how much money we're splitting.

By the way, get the story on Artie Hoffman by clicking here.