Weeknights at 6, two new country songs go up against each other and you determine the winner in Cat Fight!  This week, we heard from a 15-year veteran of country music, a couple of guys who are still new to the country music scene, and someone who's always rough and ready.

We started off the week with Terri Clark as our returning champion - her new song is 'The One," from her new album "Roots & Wings," which is in stores now.

Terri defeated "Storm Warning" from Hunter Hayes on Monday night for her second win, then lost Cat Fight on Tuesday to a new song from Love and Theft called "Angel Eyes" (not to be confused with the late 80s hit from The Jeff Healy Band with the same name).  Billy Dukes at Taste of Country.com recently reviewed the new Love and Theft song and described it as:

...a bit like that last piece of cake in the fridge. Despite being somewhat void of nutrition, it’s still really difficult to resist. This is fine. Not every song needs to be a protein shake...

Love and Theft continued their winning streak with a victory over "Million Dollar View" from Trace Adkins on Wednesday (but Trace did get to sing the National Anthem at a World Series game) and a big win over "Saturday Night" from new guy Wade Bowen for win number three on Thursday.  Find out how long Love and Theft can continue to win Cat Fight next week at 6:00p on Cat Country 107.3!