Check Out Some Jersey Shore Snapchat Geotags
What better way to show off all of your summertime fun than by posting stories to your Snapchat accounts? Day after day of beach trips, pool relaxation and Jersey shore signature food is documented with the popular social media app to be seen by followers. This past weekend there was even a spe…
A Visitor’s Guide to Past Olympic Cities
With the opening weekend of Olympic activities behind us as we watched and cheered on Team USA from the comfort of our homes, the thought of actually being present at the summer games might have crossed your mind. How awesome would it be to say that you got to physically see the Olympics in person?
Boardwalk Shirts That Even Locals Would Wear
Jersey Shore boardwalks each have their own signature making them unique but what is one thing that you are most likely to find at all of them? That’s right, t-shirt shops selling outrageous designs. Each summer there is a new saying which is plastered across shirts and hoodies being…

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