Keep the Beach in Christmas with These Shelly Ornaments
With the cold weather settling in and the holidays get closer and closer, many people reminisce about the warmer days of summer. Sitting next to a roaring fire with hot cocoa and fuzzy socks we can't help but miss the warm sun on our skin as we sat next to the salty sea. So, why not bring a lit…
Dessert Recipes To Feel Good About
Cookies, cakes and candy are everywhere this time of year. But what if you can actually enjoy all your favorite desserts and feel a little better about it? If you are the one doing the cooking, there are lots of ways to make your favorite recipes healthier.
The Perks Of Peppermint
If I asked you what type of candy comes to mind when you think of the holidays - you would probably say candy canes. Their sweet, minty flavor is the true taste of Christmas. You may think that peppermint is just a tasty holiday treat, but it’s actually full of health benefits.

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