How National Random Acts of Light Day Impacts Us All
Sometimes it takes one gentle word or small token to help hold back the darkness. On June 13, National Random Act of Light Day encourages us to bring light into the lives of someone we know with cancer, by surprising them with an act of kindness!
Meeting Lukas #DailyDoseofGood [VIDEO]
Everyday we do something called "Daily Dose of Good" for those who are in need or are doing some good for our community. This little boy Lukas has been in our #DailyDoseofGood segment twice already, so we figured it's about time we met him...
Why I Love the Back Stories on Talent Shows
It seems like every contestant they show on competition reality shows have some sort of tragic backstory. They faced some sort of adversity to get where they are. While some people roll their eyes after a while, I think these are the people we need to see.
8 Dog Friendly Places in South Jersey
As pet owners, we all want to bring our beloved pets with us anywhere we go. Unfortunately, not every place is pet friendly and we have to leave poor Fido at home. But luckily, there are a few restaurants, beaches and parks that allow our four-legged friends to join us here in South Jersey!

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