Health Update

Cape May Raises Almost 100K for Teacher In Need
The Cape May community has always been one to remember the words of Charles Dickens: “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”  Which is why, when it comes to one of their own in need, they help out with a force stronger then no other.
Surprising Benefits of Salt Water
With the summer heating up the shore and its surrounding towns, the familiar scent of salt water is in the air, and slowly eating away at your bicycle While it is horrible for anything metallic, salt water has tremendous benefits for us.
Anxiety Attacks vs Panic Attacks
Anxiety can be paralyzing at times, especially when it comes unexpectedly. The sudden rush of high emotions and nerves can cause you to sweat, be shaky, or feel sick to your stomach. What most people don't realize is that anxiety attacks and panic attacks are two different things.
What is “Dry” Drowning?
If your kid is going anywhere near water this summer, drowning is something you worry about. But you’re probably mostly thinking of traditional drowning, when you are submerged underwater. There’s another type of drowning- “dry” drowning...

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