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Campus Emergency at Central Conn. State University
One suspect is in custody and the all clear sounded at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain after the school was put on lockdown for a possible masked man seen walking on campus with a gun or knife according to NBC Connecticut.
Los Angeles Airport Gunman Is From New Jersey
Police say 23-year-old Paul Ciancia, man who opened fire with an assault rifle inside a terminal at Los Angeles Airport killing a TSA employee and wounding several others at a terminal checkpoint is from Pennsville, New Jersey.
EBT Card Food Stamp Program – Why Work? [VIDEO]
By now you've heard about the problems with EBT Cards over the weekend. It was due to a glitch in the system, not the government shutdown as some thought. But the woman in this video puts a whole different spin on things.
Bike Gang Warning in Light of NYC Chase [AUDIO]
There's a new form of motorcycle gang popping up across the nation. It's one that can gather at the drop of a social media post; it's one that isn't focused sharply on violence; it's one that hopes to garner fame over the Internet.

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