Hurricane Sandy Relief Centers All Around South Jersey
Today I stopped by the Ventnor Community Center to drop of clothes and other products to just try to do a little part in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.
What I saw was a community coming together to help "Restore the Shore."
The room was filled with food, diapers, water, cloth…
UPDATE: Outrage Spreads as Margate Evacuees Return
As of 9:30 Thursday night, the toll has been waived on the Margate Bridge. A call from WPG Talk Radio 1450 morning host Harry Hurley apparently played a key role in getting the toll waived.
It's not known how long the toll will be waived.
Facebook is catching fire as officials with the Margate Br…
What’s The Future Of Atlantic City’s Casinos? [AUDIO]
Few places in New Jersey were hit by Hurricane Sandy harder than Atlantic City, but while the Barrier Islands remain quarantined while crews clean debris and repair roads for the residents of AC, what will be the future of state's most famous resort destination?

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