‘Nashville’ Bloopers! [VIDEO]
The next season (or the continuation of the Winter season??) of 'Nashville' premiered Wednesday night.  And in honor of April Fool's Day, here are some bloopers from the filming of 'Nashville!'
Finally! ‘Entourage’ the Movie! [VIDEO]
I was a huge fan of 'Entourage' while it was a TV series on HBO.  And now, finally, it has become a movie!  Vinny Chase, Turtle, Johnny Drama and more will hit the big screen this summer!
ICYMI: Villanova Piccolo Girl Visits Jimmy Fallon [VIDEO]
A few weeks ago, Villanova (the #1 seed in the East) got knocked out of the NCAA basketball tournament.  While the Villanova band played through the last seconds of the game, the camera panned to a young female Piccolo player with tears streaming down her face that her team would not be moving …

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