As you're getting ready to spend your Christmas Eve and Day with family and friends, we have the best music to go along with your holiday festivities!

Saturday morning at 9:00, we'll be playing all Christmas music as you run around getting those last-minute gifts or finishing up your Christmas cookies. Then, starting at noon, Bob Kingsley will be on with his annual presentation of Christmas In America -- it's six hours of your favorite Christmas music along with country singers sharing their holiday memories and stories. Saturday night, The Big Time with Larry Santiago (in for Whitney Allen) will be playing your Christmas requests and more.

We'll start Sunday with Cat Classics from 6-8AM -- wake-up with great classic country Christmas music from as far back as the 1940s before Bob Kingsley returns with an encore presentation of Christmas In America beginning at 8:00.

So that we can bring you Christmas music on Christmas morning, the Country Top 40 with Bob Kingsley will air from 8PM-Midnight this Sunday.

From all of us at Cat Country 107.3, have a safe and happy holiday season!