There are plenty of funny performers in country music, and there are a lot of possibly funny situations that could arise in the normal course of those performers pursuing their careers. So it's only natural that a sitcom starring a country artist should make it to the airwaves.

Of course, Reba McEntire has already starred in two different sitcoms, but it's time to see another country star on the small screen. Scotty McCreery could appeal to a younger demographic in the right show, while Blake Shelton's outrageous antics would make for a laugh-out-loud program. On the other hand, it's easy to picture Dolly Parton in a vehicle that plays on her down-home wit, while Brad Paisley's great sense of humor could easily carry a show. There are SO many options!

Which of these stars would you like to see in their own sitcom? Vote below as often as once an hour, and if you don't see your choice here, let us know in the comments section below.

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