Somehow, someway, you've made it backstage at your favorite singer's concert. You're in the meet-n-greet line...about to meet your idol! Then, panic sets in: what are you going to have him autograph? What will you hand him to sign, something to keep forever on your fireplace mantel, right next to your cheerleading trophy? Um.... what do you have with you? How about.... your baby! One the Cat Country Morning Show, I've asked singers about their most unusual autograph requests.


Craig Campbell says he's been asked to sign a baby's foot! Carrie Underwood says, "I've signed babies, I've signed diapers!" While many singers whisper that they've been asked to autograph body parts (still attached), Dierks Bentley says he had a guy take off his prosthetic leg and hand it to him! It happened at a NASCAR race, "It had a Dale Earnhardt Jr. sticker on it, he just handed to me and said 'here.'"

Meghan Lindsey and Joshua Scott Jones of Steel Magnolia say they once signed somebody's dirty sock. Megan says, "Sometimes they come though the autograph line several times. After awhile they just run out of things for you to sign."

The most unique item, though, has to be what Luke Bryan put his John Hancock on. "An older lady asked me to sign her catheter pump. I turned 4 shades of green, it was pretty bad! The funny thing about it, she said would you sign my pump....I looked down ather shoes and she was wearing flip flops. I said ma'am you're not wearing pumps.... Sadly, I figured out it was the catheter pump.”