Craig Morgan knows a little bit about a country lifestyle.  And it's very evident in his new song 'More Trucks Than Cars.'

Craig Morgan is a good 'ol country boy.  We already knew that with his other hits like 'Redneck Yacht Club' and 'International Harvester.'  'More Trucks Than Cars' is just another great country song sung by country boy Craig Morgan.

The chorus says it all - “Where there’s biscuits, grits and gravy and the waitress calls you baby / And the starlight’s like a streetlight on a summer night / We say hell yeah and amen, yeehaw and y’all come back again / And pray that our boys come home alive / And when Old Glory flies we still hold our hands over our hearts / Where there’s more trucks than cars.”

Morgan does a good job of painting the picture of a small town, probably a lot like where he grew up.  It sounds an awful lot like the small town I grew up in!

Listen to Craig Morgan's 'More Trucks Than Cars' HERE!