Dakota Bradley is a young (very young!!) up-and-comer in country music.  He's under Tim McGraw's wing and he has a promising career ahead of him.  His debut single, 'Somethin' Like Somethin'' is charming and filled with pop-country goodness.

He's 18-years-old and doesn't run from that.  But the song has enough country twang to make it lovable for people of all ages.

I can see Dakota on a redneck version of the Mickey Mouse Club, coming up through the ranks.  And his debut song gets your toes tapping.

"But it's somethin' like summer and somethin' like Saturday night / Somethin' like getting drunk for the very first time / Free fall, cannonball / Into the river, no clothes at all..."

I wonder what an 18-year-old knows about getting drunk.....

He obviously has fun with his music and it comes through.

Listen to Dakota Bradley's debut single "Somethin' Like Somethin'' here -