Well, he likes my song review!  About 5 weeks ago, I posted a song review of Darius Rucker's cover of 'Wagon Wheel' here on CatCountry1073.com.  This morning, Darius Rucker himself posted my review on his Facebook page!

How exciting!  I am a big Darius Rucker fan and a big Old Crow Medicine Show fan, so this song is a match made in heaven for me!

And now Darius Rucker is a fan!

What a great way to start a Friday morning!

Click HERE to read my review and click HERE to see Darius Rucker's Facebook page.

***And yes, I realize that 'Rock Me Mama' was the original Bob Dylan tune, however, I heard Old Crow Medicine Show's version of 'Wagon Wheel' before I ever heard the Dylan version, so that's why I reference it instead of Dylan...***