Hopefully, you had a wonderful, relaxing Christmas like I did -- so wonderful that I don't think I'll be returning anything this year.

However, if you find yourself not wanting that bright pink Snuggie from Aunt Edna, you won't be alone. The National Retail Federation says people will return over $46 billion in holiday gifts this year -- that's about 10% of all Christmas presents purchased.

But what's most likely to be returned? MarketTools conducted a survey this year and clothes and shoes will make-up 62% of returns, followed by toys and games at 16%, electronics at 14%, and 13% of stuff returned will be kitchen and bath items.

Not everyone will return an unwanted gift, though. According to Consumer Reports, 15% of people will regift something they don't want and 11% of people will just throw it away. Just throw it away? I can't imagine throwing a present away -- even if it's hideous, I'll at least keep it for a while to roll my eyes at... before regifting it.

So, did you get a bad or ugly gift this year? What did you do with it?