Got a hankering for some pigeon for dinner? I found the place!

My wife and I grabbed dinner the other night in Ocean City. We wanted to try a place we've never been, so we strolled into Cinco De Mayo, a restaurant that advertises "Authentic Mexican Food."

While thumbing through the menu, I noticed the above menu item. Pigeon. Yep, Pigeon. Eek!

Needless to say, neither of us was bold enough to order the seagull, er, the pigeon. We went with a couple of burritos instead. The food was OK... not spectacular, not bad. The price was certainly right - less than $25 for the two of us, plus tip.

One oddity - well, besides the pigeon on the menu -  we noticed was their policy on chips and salsa - a Mexican restaurant staple. When we ordered our beverages (remember, Ocean City is dry), I asked for chips and salsa. I was told "it's free and everyone gets it." However at the table next to us, we noticed our fellow dinners asked for chips and salsa, but were told since they ordered an appetizer, they aren't entitled to any. Huh?

If you've had the pigeon at Cinco De Mayo, let us know how it was! (I wonder, is it "farm raised" or do they just use a slingshot and a rock?)