28 years ago today, Coca-Cola introduced New Coke, proving that you should never mess with something that is perfectly fine the way it was.

It was April 28, 1985, when the Coca-Cola Company launched New Coke after years of research - most of which said New Coke tasted better than regular Coke and Pepsi. Shortly after the switch, the Coca-Cola company was flooded with angry phone calls and letters about the switch, ads featuring the new drink at sports stadiums were booed, and even Fidel Castro mocked the change.

In only three months -- in an era before Twitter and Facebook -- the public's reaction was so negative that company officials announced the old formula was returning. New Coke lingered until 1992 before disappearing forever.

But was it a total failure? To this day, many people believe this was one big marketing ploy to bring attention to Coke, which was in a heated battle with rival Pepsi.