There are people who will leave a radio (tuned to Cat Country) or TV on when they're not home to keep their pets company... but no longer will dogs have to watch `The View` for entertainment.

Starting in just a few weeks, DirecTV will debut DOG-TV -- a network designed to keep pets busy while they are home alone (no, I'm not kidding) and a cost of $4.99 more per month (no, I'm not kidding).

DOG-TV CEO Gilad Neumann says:

Dogs spend many hours alone at home every day. As we work harder and both household members usually go out to work, dogs spend a lot more time at home. They’re very lonely, they’re bored, they suffer from separation anxiety often and people look for solutions.”

This is exactly what your pampered pet needs as they're home all day sleeping in an air conditioned house while you're out working 40+ hours a week.