The sign is still there, so, I'm thinking that they are still trying to sell houses.

Maybe, though, the sign is just anchored too far into the ground, and no one can remove it.

At least 23 years after first being posted, a sign advertising a new housing development in Egg Harbor Township still stands. It's on Ocean Heights Avenue, near the EHT Veterans' Park, and almost across the street from Lloyd's Country Custard.

The sign, for Steven's Walk West, promises new homes, available in the spring of 1990, starting at $139,900. Not a bad price in 1990. Certainly a fantastic, unheard of deal in the latest 1990s. After the real estate bust...probably still a good deal today.

I tried to find Four Points Construction Company online with no luck.

I assume the original offer is no longer valid, but the sign remains.

If you have information on the sign, or the planned development, please share below in the Comments section.