We all have those songs in our music library we're not proud of. Taste of Country caught up with some of country's biggest names backstage at the 2016 CMA Awards and asked them: what’s a song on your iPod or your phone you might be embarrassed by? And the answers — well, they didn’t disappoint.

“I think I have some Enya on there,” Brett Eldredge admits.

For Cassadee Pope, it isn't so much an artist as a novelty song: the Halloween-themed classic "The Monster Mash."

Several artists chose to give a glimpse into what they might sound like in their cars as they jam out to their favorites. Garth Brooks launched into "I Will Survive," while Drake White sang Spice Girls and Frankie Ballard took on Dolly Parton’s "9 to 5" with great enthusiasm.

Dierks Bentley says he even has an old song of his own he’s embarrassed by, giving a taste of what that song sounds like. “It’s called ‘She Chews Tobacco,’” he says with a smirk, then begins the chorus:

She chews tobacco but I can’t get with in spittin’ distance / No matter how I beg or plead / She chews tobacco, rides on a tractor / But she won't choose me."

Check out the video above to see which artist listens to '80s hair bands, who rocks out to Backstreet Boys and who works out with Selena Gomez secretly pumping through their earbuds.