It never feels good to hear stories like this... but the good that comes out of this is that WE CAN HELP! Let's bring this Egg Harbor Twp family a dose of good, shall we?! #DailyDoseofGood

Credit: Caroline Barrella via Go Fund Me

This one came from Caroline Barrella of EHT (who you can message on Facebook for questions and other ways to help) in regards to her neighbors!  A lovely couple with two small children, who's entire life history has been taken away from them.

The evening of April 7th, Caroline said, "...there were 2 loud bangs, I looked out my window and saw horrendous flames 3 trailers down! My first thoughts were for the families safety!!"

Thankfully, the family is alive and safe, thanks to the 8-year-old son who woke the family once the fire started in his room! But unfortunately, the same can't be said for their home. The ENTIRE house is metal and ash, as is everything inside; Leaving nothing behind, not even shoes, toys for the kids or clothing.

In which case, Caroline being the amazing neighbor that she is, has created a Go-Fund-Me page to help this family to help make the stress filled days a little easier through donations!

Credit: Caroline Barrella via Go Fund Me

This poor family needs all the love, support and extra doses of good that they can get!
Please comment, like and SHARE this page to help spread the word. If you're unable to donate financially, clothing/toy donations are also appreciated! Please feel free to reach out to Caroline for more ways that you can help, anything counts!

Here's a copy of the family's clothing sizes

If you know someone out there in need of a little extra #DailyDoseofGood, please send us a message on our Facebook Page!

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